This is How You Email Subscribers about a New Secret Song


  1. Aaron will have sent you a folder of assets. It should look like the pic below.
  2. Log into AWeber by clicking here.
  3. Make sure in the upper left-hand corner the Active List is “Aaron Espe.”
  4. Click on “Messages” then “Drafts.” 
  5. Underneath “[TEMPLATE] Secret Songs” click on “Copy.” This will create a new draft. 
  6. Now, at the top of the list, click on “[TEMPLATE] Secret Songs.”
  7. This is, more or less, what you should be seeing. 


  1. Copy the Title/Subject from the AWeber plain text document you received in the folder. 
  2. Paste the title into the upper left-hand corner subject line. (Disregard the drag & drop/article highlighted, there — my mistake.)
  3. Click on the picture, then click on “Replace Image.” 
  4. Click on “Upload An Image.”
  5. Find and choose the image from the assets folder. 
  6. Make sure the image alignment is centered, and the size is set to “Original.”
  7. Now, copy the subject/title (again). 
  8. Highlight the old title, then left-click and select “paste.”
  9. It should now look like this. Make sure it’s highlighted, then click on the “link” icon.
  10. Enter the URL of the Secret Song blog post and click on “OK.”  (Note, if the post isn’t live yet, a red “x” will display instead of a green checkmark. That’s fine, as long as you’re sure the URL is correct.)
  11. Now let’s swap out the body text. 
  12. First, change the password to the title of this week’s Secret Song, without spaces. 
  13. Copy the body from the plain text document. 
  14. Highlight the body text of the template, right-click and paste. 
  15. You’ll see this below, and may notice the paragraph spacing didn’t transfer. 
  16. Kindly fix the spacing, if need be, and curse Aaron under your breath. 
  17. Click on the “LISTEN NOW” button. 
  18. On the right hand column, under “URL,” change it to this week’s Secret Song blog post. 
  19. If the blog post is not live yet, a red “Invalid Input” will appear. Disregard, but double check to make sure the URL is correct. 
  20. Close the above Button window. Now, in the Message Preheader, copy and paste the body text of the email. Note: All of it will not fit, but that’s ok.
  21. Click on “Save & Exit.”


  1. In the upper right-hand corner, click on “Preview & Test.”
  2. It should look, more or less, like this. Admire your work, then in the right-hand column, switch on the mobile device preview. 
  3. Make sure on the mobile preview looks pretty much like this. 
  4. Enter your email address in the right-hand column and click on “Send Test Message.”
  5. Open the email on your desktop and mobile to make sure the formatting, links, and preview text are all accurate. Then click “Save & Exit.”
  6. Click on “Send Options” and then “Schedule a Broadcast.” 
  7. Under “Do you want to share this message?” make sure it reads as below. Then, under “Who should receive this message?,” include all lists except for the UPI Guide list. Click “Apply.” 
  8. Under “When should this message be sent?” schedule it for Thursday at 6am, CST, and click “Apply.”
  9. Under “Do you want tag automations?” make sure it reads “0,” unless otherwise instructed. Also make sure “Track clicks…” is ticked. Then click on the green “Schedule Message for” button.
  10. You should see a screen like this. 
  11. Log out. 
  12. Damn, you’re cool. I’m giving you a hug right now. Thank you!