This is the very best gift I can give you

You might think that the best gift I can give you would somehow be related to music, but that just simply isn’t true. You see, growing up and still to this day, there is a life-happiness-secret my family and more particularly my mom has held onto for years (although if you ask her to tell you she would happily do so — still, it’s a secret to most of the world and I bet you almost certainly don’t know it. I digress). Hurry up, Espe, what could be? You might be saying to yourself right now. Well the wait is over because the link below leads you straight to my mom’s handwritten recipe card for her Hot Chocolate Sauce (aka hot fudge if you’re an out-of-towner).

Two to three nights a week, including winter, my dad would send me or one of my older two sisters down to the basement freezer to lug back up a gallon pale of Bridgeman’s vanilla ice cream. While it softened a little for easier scooping my mom began stirring the ingredients you’re now privy to into a small saucepan. I cannot stress the importance of this ritual as I remember more fondly the day my dad let me scoop the ice cream than the day I helped carve the Thanksgiving turkey.

So whether it’s a warm summer evening or 35 below, take my advice and generously drizzle this chocolate sauce over a bowl filled with at least two scoops of your favorite vanilla ice cream. And guard this recipe with your life!

Val Espe’s Hot Chocolate Sauce