This is How You Deliver a New Song to Kobalt


Getting the Audio Files
  1. Aaron emails you all WAV and MP3 files, lyrics, and writer splits 
  2. Import all audio files into your iTunes (it’ll look something like this…)

  1. Open a new Text Edit document and title it Name of Song_KEYWORDS
  2. Open Keyword Tags PDF
  3. Listen to song while noting keywords from each column
  4. Follow this format

  1. Open a new Text Edit document and title it Name of Song_LYRICS
  2. Paste lyrics from Aaron
  3. Follow this format

  1. Open a new Text Edit document and title it Name of Song_INFO
  2. Enter the writer/publisher/master splits
  3. Follow this format


  1. In iTunes, right-click the song and click Song Info
  2. Fill in like pic below using your KEYWORDS in the grouping column and everything else from your INFO doc
  3. Click on the “Lyrics” tab and tick “Custom Lyrics” box below
  4. Paste in from your LYRICS doc
  5. Repeat the above process for all versions of the song (*Note, only lyrics can be applied to MP3s; not WAVs, so skip that step with the WAV files)
  1. Create a folder called Name of Song_FINALS
  2. Save everything you’ve just created in this order
  3. In the shared Dropbox folder, find the name of the song
  4. Drag and drop Name of Song_FINALS to that folder


  1. Create a new message to all team members and use this format
  2. (The attachment is an MP3 of the song)
  3. Link the blue text to the appropriate Dropbox folder by
  4. 1) right-clicking the dropbox folder and clicking “copy Dropbox link”
  5. 2) highlighting and then right-clicking the appropriate email text
  6. 3) pasting the Dropbox link
  7. Double check and send! 
Pat yourself on the back, because you’re awesome!