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Jennicka Wrightsman is the girl on the bike. My wife and I took her around Roseau to shoot photos and paid her in Dairy Queen ice cream. Here’s the original photo.


This is my parents house in Roseau. The one I grew up in. I used to play my guitar a lot on the porch to the left (no, not in the winter).

Here’s my family in Florida. The trip that inspired “Vacation.” L to R: Me, dad, Ingrid, Mom, back of Greta’s head (sorry, Greta), and Erica.

My first time seeing and swimming in the ocean. L to R: Cousins Karl and Erik, sister Erica, me, sisters Ingrid and Greta.

“You probably know, I sat by the window…”  L to R: me, cousin Erik

Recording at Basecamp Recording Studio in Bozeman, Montana. L to R: me, producer Chris Cunningham, Chad Langford.

Chad Langford doing mic checks.

Ben Wysocki getting set up Day 1 of recording.

Me (and an organ we used only once, for the song “Change”).