That Time I Used PowerPoint to Design My First Album Cover

I bet you didn’t know that I created my first album artwork in Microsoft PowerPoint, did you?I bring this up to say I didn’t know what I was doing. I also didn’t have any money in my Wells Fargo checking account to hire a graphic designer.I did, though, have one of those old white Macbooks installed with Microsoft Office.So I just started trying different colors, filters, fonts (Helvetica Neue Ultralight) until I ended up with what would be, if you now think about it, the start of my visual identity as an artist.

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I Hate to Namedrop, but Taylor Swift…

…said she loves my music, so how do you expect me to keep that to myself?

Because seriously, talk about a strange day.

I wake up, check a few emails and one is from the head of my label, forwarding me this playlist Taylor Swift put together on Spotify called “Songs Taylor Loves.”

I don’t really understand. But then I keep scrolling and there I am “Aaron Espe – Making All Things New.”

At first I think, no this can’t be right. But then I think, well who knows? At the very least I will tweet her a thank-you.

A little while later all of her fans start posting and liking and retweeting my thank-you tweet.

Wow, I should tweet about Taylor Swift more often, that’s the trick to tweeting. I’ve cracked the code!

I didn’t crack the code. The trick I found out was that Taylor Swift had “liked” my tweet which meant that the tweet became viral because that’s how much power Tay’ (if I can be so bold now) exudes in one tap.

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