This is How You Publish a Secret Songs Club Blog Post


  1. Aaron will have sent you a folder of assets.
  2. Open the folder. It should look something like below. 
  3. Click here and log in to the AE WordPress dashboard. 
  4. Click on “Posts” then “All Posts.” 
  5. Look for the latest Secret Song post (Secret Songs Club #8 in this example) and click on “clone” underneath the title. This will create a new draft and you will use this as a template.
  6. Open the latest Secret Songs draft by clicking on the title. The draft should be at the top of the list.


  1. Swap out the Secret Song number for the current one you’re going to publish.
  2. Copy and paste the title from the plain text document (it’s important that it’s the plain text document, otherwise the formatting will alter).
  3. Replace the current audio with the audio Aaron gave you by first clicking the player bar and clicking on “edit.”
  4. Click on “Replace Audio.”
  5. Click on “Upload Files.”
  6. Find the audio file and select it. 
  7. Select the current audio and click “Replace.”
  8. Click on “Update.”
  9. Now, let’s replace the text, starting with lyrics. 
  10. Copy and paste the lyrics from the plain text document (again, make sure it’s the plain text doc). 
  11. Now swap out the “About This Song” text. 
  12. Copy and paste the “About this Song” from the plain text document.
  13. If available, swap out song credits and photo credits, etc. If unavailable, delete the placeholder/template text.
  14. In the top right-hand corner, click on the “Document” tab. 

  1. Note the URL Slug (we’re going to change it).  
  2. Change the URL slug to “secret” plus whatever number song you’re on, without spaces.
  3. Now let’s replace the featured image. Click on “Replace Image.”
  4. Click on “Upload Files.”
  5. Click on “Select Files.”
  6. Find and choose the image from the assets folder. 
  7. Select the newly uploaded photo, and click on “Set featured image.”
  8. You should now see a thumbnail of the new featured image as below. 


  1. Click on “Preview.” 
  2. Review the post and make sure the formatting looks like below. 
  3. In the top right-hand corner under “Discussion,” make sure “Allow comments” is unticked. 
  4. Next to “Visibility” click on “Public.” 
  5. Select “Password Protected” and use the name of the song, without spaces, as the password. 
  6. Click on “Immediately.”
  7. Schedule the publish date to the Wednesday at 10pm CST. (I do this so it will be live by 6am CST, Thursday.) 
  8. Click “Schedule.”
  9. Click on “Schedule” (again). 
  10. Make sure you see this confirmation (disregard the post address url — we won’t be using that).
  11. DONE. You did it! Give yourself a hug for me.