Aaron, I reeeeeeallly love this, but I just can’t afford it right now.

I totally get it. If it helps, you can do a payment plan that will split the cost into four monthly installments. Just scroll to the bottom of the pricing table section and you’ll see the options for each access pass.

Can I find this on Spotify or Apple Music? That’s my preferred listening platform.

The official releases will be there, but most of the Library will not be on streaming services. The All Access Library is mostly exclusive material. Think of it as an experience rather than a listening platform. It’s a place you go to wander around and peruse, like a library.

My nephew is a fan of yours and I’d love to buy this as a gift for him. Am I able to do that somehow?

Yes, absolutely! Just follow these instructions:
1. Buy the product as if it’s for yourself.
2. In the "add instructions to seller" box, write
-   the name of the person the gift is for
-   their email address
-   anything else you'd like to say to them
3. I will send them a personal invitation, relay your message, and give them their access pass to the library.

Is there a physical version, I prefer Vinyl and CDs?

Most of the All Access Library consists of digital content that’s not available on CD or Vinyl. If you want to purchase CDs and Vinyl individually or as a bundle, send a request to info@aaronespe.com.

I’ve bought a lot of your music already, would this be overlapping or redundant?

First, thanks for buying my music. Second, some of this will overlap, but in your case I’d definitely recommend the VIP pass. You’ll receive a ton of content you’ve never seen or heard before.

What if I have a question you haven’t answered yet?

Hit me! a@aaronespe.com.

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