Hi, thanks for checking out my music.

I’m making this page a little boring-looking, so you judge the music with your ears instead of your eyes. I’m not saying you’re the type to judge a book by its cover, but I know I sure do once in a while, so…anway…

Here is my most popular song.

If there’s a chance you’ve heard me, it’s probably this one. It’s been on playlists and commercials and Taylor Swift likes it. All that made me feel good, but I can tell you right now none of that stuff lasts. You (dear reader) seem like a smart person. You probably already know that. I constantly have to remind myself to make the art my heart’s begging me to make. Not the music I think people will like. Regardless, I’m grateful for this song, and I hope you like it.

Here is the song people write to me about most.

The cashier at the Kroger grocery store inspired this song. She wasn’t doing anything particularly noticeable. It was the thought that if she didn’t do her unnoticeable things — swiping cans of soup, bagging, weighing produce — a lot of things would go wrong. And I kept thinking that it’s easy to celebrate the person who wins The Voice or the valedictorian or football star. But it’s the seemingly ordinary people, doing ordinary things day after day that make the world go round.

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