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When was the last time a stranger helped you? My guess is within the last 24 hours. From a simple nod and smile to helping us find our way home, strangers play an important role in our lives.

It’s Also About This

Let’s say you’re a stranger with a problem. My dad is the guy you want to happen upon you. I have countless stories of my father helping people he didn’t know from Adam. Honestly, it was annoying. I was a kid with things to do and people to see. Dad, can’t you just leave the poor widow to fend for herself? At least help her on your own time.

One winter, my family was driving home after dark. We’d reached the west edge of town. Two men were walking on the right shoulder of the road. “Get in the backseat,” he told my sister, sitting next to me. She climbed over and sat next to my other two sisters. My dad pulled the minivan alongside them, turned on the interior light, and waved them in like they were old buddies from high school. The two men squeezed beside me on the bench seat, smelling of beer and cigarettes. We drove along, and my dad made small talk. He asked them where they wanted to be dropped off, and I prayed they wouldn’t say New York City. My dad’s altruism often knows no bounds. And I was feeling squished.

And This (for the songwriter geeks)

I’ve written a lot of “we’re all in this together” type songs. Especially during the pandemic. One, I believe it. Two, my publisher often requests those kinds of songs. But how do you keep saying something as cliche as “we’re all in this together” in a way that resonates? Simple (kind of): you help the listener see it from a different angle. People want to know they’re not alone, but songwriters can’t just tell them that. They need to help the listener discover it for themselves. I suppose that’s basically what songwriting is: helping people rediscover truths they’d forgotten or truths that had lost their meaning from being told the same way over and over again.


I’m thankful for the kindness of strangers
Kindness upon which I depend
Nothing to gain, they do it the same
A stranger you may one day call friend

I’d never been so deep in danger
I didn’t know which way to go
Then someone I knew not even from Adam
Showed me a path that led straight home

Warm like a soft fire
Lifted my spirits higher
I might bend, but I will not break
In the kindness of strangers

If you should find someone in trouble
If you should hear somebody’s plea
Think of the times you’ve been shown a kindness
And be the stranger someone needs

Warm like a soft fire
Lift up their spirits higher
They might bend, but they will not break
In the kindness of a stranger

We all bend, but we will not break
In the kindness of strangers


All instruments by Aaron Espe. Produced by Aaron Espe at Crowd Goes Mild, Nashville, TN. Mixed by Aaron Espe and Jeff Linsenmaier. Mastered by Aaron Espe. Cover art by John Niño.


  • 1991 Martin HD-28 acoustic guitar
  • Harmony Reso-Tone banjo
  • Shure PE86L Microphone (for banjo, guitar)
  • Shure SM7 Microphone (for vocals)
  • Audio Technica AT2020 Microphone (for guitar)
  • Universal Audio LA-610 Preamp
  • Apogee Duet audio interface
  • Logic Pro digital-audio workstation
  • Plugins: Slate Digital, Soundtoys, iZotope, Logic built-ins


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– Team Espe