This Album Will Make You Laugh and Cry (Except Laugh)

Many of you know I came out with a new album called “Passages.” A dance/hip-hop album. Well, no. It’s actually a singer-songwriter-melancholy-ballad-driven record. (Surprise!) Anyway, you gotta do what you do. I’m old enough now to know what I mostly do is reflect on life over an acoustic guitar. 

This time I’m reflecting on turning points. Some pretty serious, like a song called “Hello, Lou” about a classmate from grade school who died in an ATV accident. Others lighter, like the time I met my wife. I wish I had a hilarious song in there, too, because right now would be the perfect time to mention it.

Passages Cover

People sometimes ask me how I’d prefer they listen to my music. Ideally, I think you should buy the CD and the vinyl and buy it on iTunes and then stream it on Spotify, listening always alone in the dark with headphones and no distractions. Ideally, I also eat pizza everyday without consequences. 

But seriously, I hope you at least have a moment or two while listening to it, however you listen to it (which, by the way, I really don’t care how) where you escape for a bit or notice the world differently or simply feel something that makes you realize if nothing else you’re feeling something. Because I don’t think that’s nothing. 



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