[#013] Behind the Music A-Z: “Beyond the Sun”

Single (2015)
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ABOUT: I was on my way to meet my friend Claire for our cowriting session one day when I drove past a billboard for Grey Goose vodka. The sign said, “Fly beyond.”

I brought it up to Claire as a prompt to start us off. She liked it as an idea but felt it begs the question, “Fly beyond what?” She then said, “How about the sun?”

From there, we wrote a song called, “Beyond the Sun,” which eventually was recorded by Lennon Stella for the TV Series Nashville.

FUN FACT: My oldest son Silas was three at the time I was recording this. Sometimes he’d be in my studio. I’d get distracted, leave him unsupervised. After the release of this song, I discovered something: He had turned the low-frequency knob that fed into my headset and studio monitors way up, from 12 o’clock to 3 o’clock. I had mixed, mastered, and released this song with it like that. So what, you ask? Since I compensated for all the low-end frequencies, the mix you hear has almost none. Since nobody seemed to notice, or at least didn’t say anything, I left it like that.

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