A Concept Album about Northern Minnesota

Below is a preview of the concept album to give you a better picture of what I’ve been up to. Let me know which song interests you most!


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A Concept Album (Title TBD) about Growing Up in Northern Minnesota:

How Were the Roads?
After arriving at their destination, Minnesota travelers are asked a question that helps ease the pain of awkward conversation.

The Court Report
Each week a small-town newspaper prints the law violations of its citizens and this week three unexpected members are listed.

Peewee Hockey
Winning isn’t just about scoring more goals it’s about surviving Coach Gary Gunderson and keeping his secrets.

The Amway Years
A couple becomes multilevel marketers hoping to make a better life for their kids but don’t realize it’s already happening.

Liver and Onions on Tuesdays
A young boy finds himself doing things he hates in order to be closer to the people he loves.

Special Music
An anxiety-ridden teenager tries to get out of performing for Sunday morning church offertory.

A young boy goes to the the county fair not for the rides but for the way the rides make him feel.

Sheltering Oaks
A family struggles to bear the burden of an aging member and decide to put her in a nursing home next to a golf course.

Unspoken Request
A pastor’s sermon falls on deaf ears when his preoccupied congregation wonders what one member’s “unspoken” prayer request could be.

Deer Hunting
In the middle of nowhere high up in a tree a young hunter reflects on the strangeness of deer hunting and whether his father will ever return to collect him.

Paper Route
After pleading with his parents to let him have a paper route, a young boy gets his wish and immediately regrets it.

Bluewater Summer Camp
Kids come to a lake camp for fun and outdoor activities but leave with something they didn’t expect.