About “Free”

My new song “Free” is out today. It started as a children’s song. It still is, I suppose, but it’s for you, too. You can listen at this link:


I was trying to tell my kids that it’s what is inside of them that is limitless. Their inner life. Sure, I do think they can become whatever they want to become (for the most part). But the “outer stuff” is less important than the “inner stuff.”

Anyway, I hope you like the song. If you do, please listen lots and share with a friend. Let it lull you to sleep at night. Or you could play it loud in your car with the windows down. Maybe at stoplights, motion to the car beside you to roll down their window. Yell, “Hey, this is Aaron Espe. He’s the best!” If they say, “No he’s not.” Then say, “Yes he is.” Continue until cars honk that the light’s green.

Just some suggestions. Here’s the link again: