AMA: “What did it feel like to turn 40?” – Brenda


1)  What did it feel like to turn 40? 
2)  Who’s your favorite go-to musician for your listening enjoyment?
3)  How bout those TWINS?? (No idea what or if Tennessee has a baseball team)


Hi Brenda – 
1) Forty feels weird and also normal, because, really, it was just the next day, if you know what I mean. But I will say that I’m starting to see my dad in the mirror more and more. I told my wife I hope she’s ok with how my dad looks because that’s pretty much the future.
2) This is tough, but I’d say Tallest Man On Earth. Can’t really go wrong with any of it, but Dark Bird is Home is my personal favorite album.
3) Ha…TN doesn’t have a major league team, but Nashville’s minor league team is called The Sounds. Silas, August and I used to go often pre pandemic. We’ll be going again someday soon. We love baseball! Thanks for asking.

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