AMA: “What helps you the most when things get hard?” -Lee

Hello Aaron,

I just had a chance to read your blog about “what you are really like”.  Thank you for sharing.  I think it is so important to share things that we struggle with if and when we are able. It helps others not to feel alone in a similar thing. For me I also learned to not just know God was there, but to surrender to him and not try to do things in my own strength or by myself. Oh and one thing I taught my kids is, when feeling down, try the look up and look out method, look up and ask God for help and look out to see who you can help.  Helps me a lot.

Anyway, so thankful you were helped.  You have helped me through your music MANY times.

I guess if I had to ask a question about you, what helps you the most when things get hard?


Hi Lee! 

So good to hear from you. And thank you for this honest, thoughtful note. It means a lot that you’d share this. The “look up and out” method is something I’ll remember. Thank you. 

As for your question about what helps me the most when things get hard — I’m assuming you mean related to mental illness? Or just in general? Well, in both cases a big part of the answer is family. My wife and kids pull me out of the muck time and time again. Heidi knows when I’m “off” and good about asking the right questions. Talking through stuff is such an important part of the process. And my kids, because they’re so in the moment all the time, help me be present.  

But I also try to incorporate the practical stuff like running and eating better, but I’ll be the first to tell you I love Taco Bell and Sonic.

Beyond all that, I have to remind myself that sometimes it’s ok to sit with the struggle. Acknowledge that life is hard sometimes and an immediate solution isn’t always the best course of action. Sometimes I’ll write about it, and every now and then get a song. As you know, a lot of my albums are stocked full with that stuff! 🙂

I hope I’ve answered your questions, Lee. Let me know. Thanks again for reaching out and sharing. It means a lot! 


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