AMA: “What music artist is the one that pushes and inspires you?”

What music artist is the one that pushes and inspires you?


Hi Lori – 

Harry Nilsson. He was the first to show me that “doing music” didn’t have to look a certain way. For example, I thought I had to put out albums and tour 300 days a year to be an artist. But he made so much great music and never toured. He disliked it probably as much as I did.

When I signed with Nettwerk Records in 2016, I told them I wouldn’t tour. They said ok, and signed me anyway. Without Harry Nilsson’s example I wouldn’t have had the confidence to make that request. (Granted, had I toured then maybe my albums would have had more financial success! But who knows? I only know I would’ve been miserable.)

So, yeah, I’ve sort of modeled the last decade of my career after Harry Nilsson. High musical output, but low (or no) touring. I write and write and write. I make stuff and put it out into the world. I answer people’s questions and blog about it 🙂 Why? I enjoy it. It makes me happy, and this is what “doing music” looks like for me.

Whatever you’re doing in life, don’t think it has to look a certain way. There are so many unwritten scripts we often follow without realizing there could be a less miserable way.

Thanks for the question!


P.S. A while ago, I wrote more on why I don’t tour. That post is here. 

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