Nail Guns

Imagine you work construction, framing houses. But what you really want to do is play guitar and sing songs for people. You’ve just recorded your first album and are releasing it in two months. Of course you know your fingers are important, so you’re as careful as you can be around dangerous tools like, um, nail guns. 

One summer afternoon you’re building a window header when the framing gun double fires. The second nail goes through your left-hand middle finger, and pins it to the wood as easily as a needle going through butter. You have literally fastened yourself to a 2×6. 

So many thoughts run through your head…  

Congratulations, you’ve just done the worst thing a guitar player could possibly do.

Looks like that whole singer-songwriter dream is done. 

Ouch, this really hurts. 

Apart from gory details and some permanent nerve damage, your blessed middle finger makes a full recovery. Without question it is immediately entered into your body parts hall of fame and obviously gets that year’s sportsmanship award.

But the point of the story has to do with what Doctor Bob says to you while bandaging your hand. And by the way, Doctor Bob is also your friend, believes in your music, and knows you’ve just recorded your first CD. 

“Listen.” He says. “I’ve met a lot of 9-fingered carpenters, but not many 9-fingered guitar players.” 

That’s pretty much all he says. 

But you know he’s saying it would be wise to think about what you really want to be doing in life. Are the things you’re doing now lining up with that? And are you protecting what matters most? 

As you drive home you think about this a lot. And your future self thanks you for making changes. 


Anyway, it’s just a story.