About This Guitar

I was 15 years-old. My middle-school PE teacher Mrs. Glassmann was having a garage sale. Among clothes and trinkets, I saw this Silvertone acoustic guitar (originally black with a sunburst body).

Up until that point I’d been borrowing my grandpa Omer’s guitar. But what kind of grandson (or human, for that matter) doesn’t swiftly return a person’s guitar?

I wrote Mrs. Glassmann a check for 20 dollars that she purposely never cashed. Some 25 years later I still record with it. You can hear it on “Right Next to You.”

Sadly, Mrs. Glassmann passed away unexpectedly last year (here’s her obituary).

Here’s to good people and paying it forward.


P.S. One day Mrs. Glassmann overheard that I’d never eaten a kiwi. She couldn’t believe it. In one of our next classes she brought kiwis for everybody. Showed me how to peel and eat it. “Isn’t it so good?” she said. I love that memory.