AMA: “Where and how did you come up with the cover art for ‘The Kindness of Strangers’ and the song? ”

Hi Aaron, my name is Jörn and I am from Germany. I am listening a lot to your very inspiring songs and wanted to thank you. I really like the cover of your single “The Kindness of Strangers” – it gives a lot of interpretation but warms my heart. Where and how did you come up with this idea and song? Best regards,


Hi Jörn – 

Thanks for the kind words. And about the cover, I agree. One of my favorite illustrators is a guy named John Niño . I met him a while back online, and we’ve since become close friends. He had the idea for this. And he actually first used the illustration for a song of mine called “I Believe.” It wasn’t the cover art; the illustration was for a visual/lyric project. Anyway, the original looked like this.  

But after I wrote “The Kindness of Strangers,” I asked John to revamp the illustration for that song’s cover art because it’s such a great visual of the song’s theme. We discussed color or no color, and making appear less 1950’s, if you will. The end result was this. 

As for coming up with the song, I talk about it in this video below. 

Thanks for the question!


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