Two Books I Recommend

Baby, You’re Gonna Be Mine

This first one is a fun, gritty collection of modern short stories by Kevin Wilson. I’d never read him before but my wife said I’d love him. She was right. I love situational tales that don’t really resolve, they just make you ponder a bunch of stuff you wouldn’t have pondered otherwise. There’s one about an aging lead singer in a band. Oof. Painfully accurate.

Here’s the link to buy on Amazon.  


Yes to Life: In Spite of Everything

This second one is a no-fluff book on finding meaning in life despite circumstances. It’s by Viktor Frankl, a holocaust survivor. He wrote it about 70 years ago, but so much feels current, especially in the midst of the war in Ukraine. If you’re going to read this, maybe start with his better known book, Mans’s Search for Meaning. That one is downright life-changing. This is a great follow-up to that.

Here are the links to buy on Amazon:

Yes to Life: In Spite of Everything
Man’s Search for Meaning