Arbitrary Deadlines

You’re going to have to set them.

I’m sorry, but that’s pretty much the only way.

Do you know why I’m writing and trying to finish this blog post right now? Because I set an arbitrary deadline to publish it for you today.

Nobody told me to do that. Not the internet, not my dad, not even Blog McBlogster. 

And honestly, sometimes I wonder if it’s the right thing to do. Maybe the song or this blog post or whatever could have waited, or I could have spent some more time on it. Sure, there are times when you should delay. But probably not this time. 

Remember, the cavalry isn’t coming. 

You’re it. 

Write the song and send it. 

Set a deadline, mark it on the calendar. Promise your friend in Omaha—say, by next Tuesday at 5 pm you’ll text it to them. 

Now, get to work and get it done.