This is where I share my process along with things I’ve found helpful.

Starting From The Headspace You’re In

Cowriting a song is a strange activity if you’ve never done it before. Especially with someone new. One of the hardest parts is beginning the song after you’ve gone through the regular pleasantries. But here’s something you can do to make it less awkward. It will also save you time and energy. Love, Aaron

Two Ways to Write a Song

There are only two ways to write a song. Ok, sure, there are plenty more. But what I’ve found is it primarily comes down to these two: you can paint or you can use the GPS method. The GPS Method I’m calling it the GPS method because when you’re approaching songwriting this way, you know …

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The Dad Joke Filter

Sometimes your lyrics lack punch or impact, and it’s difficult to know why. Try running it through the dad joke filter.  Let me explain.   A well-crafted song is often like a dad joke. Take this one I heard recently.  Question:  Where do generals keep their armies?  Answer:  In their sleevies.  I laughed the first …

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