Why You Should Grow a Garden

Last night around dusk, from our kitchen window I looked out into the backyard. Heidi was holding Lorentz, watering the garden. Silas and August were playing in the dirt. It was a simple moment in time. I felt grateful to be alive and blessed to have what’s been given to me. 

I also realized what a mistake I’ve made for thinking a garden is for growing vegetables. That’s just a bonus.

A garden is for growing you and your family. A patch of dirt that will teach you things about yourself and others. (Plus, all those cliche nature metaphors really start to ring even truer!)

I know, I know. You’ve got excuses. You don’t have land. You don’t have a green thumb. You don’t have the time. 

I get it, trust me. But I’m just saying, it could be as simple as a pot with some carrots and kale. Maybe a pot of herbs. Something you tend to once a day. Add the most basic of basic elements: water, soil, sunlight…a little carbon dioxide from you and your kids singing or practicing knock, knock jokes. 

Anyway…don’t stress about it. Just stick some seeds in some dirt! 


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