How Jeff Made My Music Better

When you self-produce and mix your own music, you lose perspective. Why? Well, you’ve been listening to all the instrumental and vocal parts that make up the entire song for so long that your ears and brain hurt. If you’re lucky, you have a friend like Jeff Linsenmaier to give you feedback and maybe even come over to your studio. In this video, I talk about what he did on “The Kindness of Strangers” to make your experience of listening to it better. And below the video I A/B “before Jeff” and “after Jeff” so you can appreciate the difference.

Here are the clips. Listen to how the bass guitar sits in the mix from “showed me a path…” to the instrumental part. (Wear your best pair of headphones if you don’t hear the difference.)

Before Jeff clip:

After Jeff clip:

Ok, I hope all that was interesting. Again, thanks to Jeff for helping raise the bar!