TV Shows I’m Loving

A while back, Theo asked me what shows I’m digging right now. Here’s the list. Some are ones I watch alone. Others are ones Heidi and I enjoy together after the kids have gone to bed.  And some I watch with my kids. Thanks for asking, Theo! 

TV Shows I’m Watching Alone

Get Back (Disney +)

If you’re a Beatles fan and musician, you’ll love this. If you’re not, you might get bored. But it’s so accurate (in my experience) to how mundane yet thrilling making music can be. Plus, Let it Be was the first CD I ever purchased. I was fifteen, rode my bike to Pamida, and listen to that album on repeat on my Discman.

Alan Owen Watercolors (YouTube)

He’s an 87-year-old watercolor artist who paints in his den. Sometimes he forgets to turn on the camera, sometimes he answers the doorbell while the video is still recording. I love him and his nonchalant, no-fuss, loose way of painting. I hope they soon find the cure for death, because I never want to lose this guy.

TV Shows I’m Watching with My Wife Heidi
Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO)

You either like this kind of humor or you don’t. Personally, I love Larry David. The awkward, situational hilarity. It cracks me up. Unfortunately, I relate to it. I can cause If I’m not careful, I can cause a traffic jam at four-way stop.

Succession (HBO)

What would happen if everybody in a family was solely in it for themselves? Probably this. Succession. The acting, the amount of human greed you both despise and can see in yourself. Good grief. What a show.

TV Shows I’m Watching with My Kids
The Joy of Painting (Amazon Prime)

My son August and I like to watch “Bobby” before bed. We learn a lot about painting, but we also get lulled into falling asleep. A cup of tea and Bob Ross is the cure to insomnia or even a terrible headache.

Blippi (Amazon Prime)

I mean, if you don’t know who Blippi is, you don’t have a kid under four years-old. I have a theory that Blippi used to be a clown, but rebranded when clowns became creepy.

The Croods: A New Age (DVD)

My friend Rod lent us this DVD and our youngest son loves it so much that we keep it on like CNN at an airport. Seriously, you walk into our house at anytime, and The Croods can be heard in the background.

Home Alone Series (Disney +)

How many times can you make the same movie over again? Based on Home Alone, it appears the answer is infinity times. But, honestly, when you watch all of them you know that there’s really only one, the first one. Well, Lost in New York is pretty good, too.

Thanks again to Theo for asking.