Update: Northern MN Concept Album

Ok, folks. Here’s where it’s at:

I’ve worktaped (recorded iPhone voice memos) all 12 songs.

I’m currently wrapping up the demo for “Court Report.” That’s the seventh demo I’ve done.

By the way, the process (for me) goes thought to idea, idea to concept, concept to song, song to worktape, worktape to demo, demo to official recording/release. (But sometimes I like the demos better so I’ll release them as the “official” version.)

I’m still working on the vision for what the album feels like it should sound like. Somewhere in between something current and a 1987 school music room.

Here’s something neat: A few months ago I found out one of my folk artist heroes, Rosie Thomas, is my next-door neighbor. We’ve since become friends and she’s going to sing on “Tilt-A-Whirl” and maybe some others.

I think that’s all for an update. Once again, the list of song titles and descriptions is here. 

P.S. Thanks to you lovely Bandcamp subscribers for making this possible! I couldn’t do it without your support. Not a subscriber, sign up here!