Why I Started Painting

I’m a songwriter. The plan wasn’t to start painting. But in March of 2020 I started watching Bob Ross in the afternoons with my kids during lockdown. The more I watched the more I couldn’t stop watching. 

In a way, painting and songwriting are very similar. They’re both saying one thing using a confined space. Tone, contrast, warm and cool colors. Inviting people into a story. 

They just do it differently. Songwriting uses the voice and instruments. Painting uses brushes and, well, paint.  

I started to get an urge to try. I thought to myself, I can do this! Plus, Bob Ross was so encouraging. It was like he was speaking directly to me in every episode. 

First, I bought some paint and a couple brushes. Second, I taped down a sheet of paper to the dining room table. Third, I completely sucked. My “painting” looked like Bob Ross blindfolded himself and held the brush with his toes. 

I should have stopped there, but I couldn’t. Something in me had to learn more. I got addicted to YouTube videos and books on painting. I bought all types of brushes and paper. I kept practicing. I was getting better. 

But then the doubts started flooding in. What am I doing? I can’t write songs AND paint. This is a phase I need to get over because there’s not enough hours in the day. 

Rather than quitting, I just woke up earlier. I painted before taking the kids to school. Before I worked on any songs.

Almost two years have passed.  

Spoiler alert: I haven’t won any awards. I’m definitely not the next big thing. Truth is, I’m usually disappointed after finishing a painting. Many make me cringe and want to curl up in the fetal position forever. 

But some don’t. Some even make me happy. I’ve decided to start sharing those. 

If you’re interested in my paintings––Viewing them online, reading about them, perhaps buying them some day––sign up below. 


P.S. Here’s my latest one:

(“Old Tree in the Park” 9×12 on watercolor paper)