[#012] Behind the Music A-Z: “Because of You”

From the EP Wonder (2019)
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If you’re writing a song that you can’t seem to finish, it’s easy to feel bummed out, like all the work was worthless.

In 2016, Dori Marcum and I were collaborating for her artist project. If I’m remembering correctly, we spent two days trying to write this song; the working title was “I’ve Got Peace.” But we just couldn’t seem to nail it down.

Three years later, I was looking for songs for my next Nettwerk Records release.

For whatever reason, that song came to mind. I used what Dori and I had, switched instruments from piano to guitar, and simplified the lyrics down until it was basically a blues song.

Along the way, I got another idea that a choir should be singing on it. I had recently started communicating more with my audience through a weekly newsletter and thought, “I bet I could ask them to sing on it, using their phones!” I wrote about that experience over here.

Anyway, even now, years later, this song reminds me that we never know the end of the story. All we can do is show up and try our best. The story keeps on going.

So maybe you’re working on a project that you just can’t seem to finish. Maybe you’re discouraged and think all that time has been wasted.

Well, I hope this song reminds you that it, too, was once unfinished. But not all hope is lost.

Finally, as it’s Mother’s Day week, I want to give a shoutout to my mom and you moms out there. This song is a thank you to you all.