Creating a Digital Choir: How My Fans and Their Phones Made It Happen

I wanted to form a choir to sing on one of my songs, but I wasn’t sure how to do it. Then it occurred to me that I could just ask my fanbase if they wanted to sing.

And guess what? They did!

People from all over the world signed up and I sent them the music and instructions. They recorded themselves in their own DIY vocal booths (clothes closets) using their smartphones. After that, they emailed their recordings to me and I arranged them at my studio here in Nashville.

We had a total of 49 singers, including 19 women, 29 men, and one 7-year-old girl (for the win!). Here’s a map that shows where everyone sang from, and you can click on it to have a more detailed look:

Here’s what it looked like once I combined their recordings together.
Color code:
Pink – soprano
Purple – alto
Orange – harmony
Green – tenor
Blue – bass
* The different shades of each color represent voices similar in tone.

And here they are in their DIY vocal booths:

Now I bet you want to hear how we all sound together, don’t you? Well, here you go!

Thanks again to all of you who participated in this choir project. It was an amazing experience, and I’m so grateful to have such a dedicated fanbase.


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