Recent Watercolor Sketches

My litmus test for sharing stuff like this is to ask, Do I completely hate this? Often the answer is Yes, and I quit–painting is for suckers. 

But sometimes the answer is no. 

So, here’s stuff I don’t completely hate.

Worst-case would be that you don’t hate it either. Best case would be that some makes you feel good.

Love, Aaron

P.S. These are all roughly 3 x 5 inches, from a little sketchbook I carry around in my backpack. I’ve written about why I started painting here.

Farm along the highway
DQ in Ohio
Pontoon/lake in MN
Farmhouse where Mom grew up
August and Lorentz skipping stones
My cousin’s pontoon/dock in MN
Magnus and Lorentz watching chicken’s at my cousin’s
Small village coast of Mexico