Two Buckets

When inspiration strikes, where do you store your ideas?

Are they all over the place? Notebooks, your phone, the back of receipts, Word documents on an old laptop?

If you’re like I was, you’re about as organized as a third grader. You’ve lost so many ideas that the inspiration fairies have you on notice.

If this rings a bell, I highly advise storing past, present, and future ideas into just two “buckets.” Everyone can remember and keep track of two places. (Please tell me you’re nodding your head.)

One bucket for melodic ideas and one bucket for lyrics and concepts.

Whatever you use for buckets, have only two. No more disrespecting the inspiration fairies. No more looking all over creation for that idea that woke you up at 3 AM last week. Capture everything and put it into one of two buckets.

If you’re interested in diving deeper, my course “The Songwriting Habit” teaches organization in more depth along with much more. Here is a link to learn more.