What My Typical Day Looks Like

Caleb asked if I’d write about what a typical day is like for me. Probably like you, mine changes a bit depending on the week or season, but for the most part, here it is… 

7am – wake up, hit the snooze, wake up again, shower.

7:30am – drink coffee, chat with Heidi, and prod Silas (our 7 year-old) to get dressed, brush teeth, comb hair.

7:45am – drive Silas to school (on the way home turn on NPR and listen to the news for song ideas).

8am – get Lorentz (almost 2) and August (4) dressed and ready for the day, while Heidi showers. 

8:30am – make my to-do list, turn TV on (news), get updated while listening for song ideas.

9am – walk to studio in backyard and write by myself for at least one hour.

10am – complete etc. stuff on my to-do list and prep for cowriting session.

11am – welcome cowriter to the studio, catch up (if someone I know) or get to know them, and figure out a song direction for the day.

11:30am – write a song.

4pm – cowriter leaves, and I begin production of song demo if I haven’t started already (sometimes I’ll begin production once we have completed a verse and chorus).

5pm – hang with Silas, August, and Lorentz. Usually play baseball in the backyard. 

6pm – dinner (if Friday, pizza!).

7pm – dishes, clean up, chip away at laundry, watch the Minnesota Twins.

7:30pm – get the boys ready for bed.

8pm – lights out for the boys, Heidi and I watch the news and talk about life.

9pm – if I have enough energy, go back out to studio and work on the day’s song demo. Otherwise, watch baseball and have some alone time.

10pm – read.

11pm – Zzz… 

2:30am – get tapped by Silas (he’s scared to be alone) and go back to sleep with him in his bed.

4:30am – get woken up by August (also afraid of being alone) as he crawls into bed with Silas and me.

7am – wake up, shower…  


What’s your typical day like?


2 thoughts on “What My Typical Day Looks Like”

  1. That’s a great question. I like to think about it the way Joni Mitchell talks about it in the book “Both Sides Now.” She refers to needing crop rotation. Like a field, you burn out the soil from too much use of the same thing. My crop rotation for writing is producing. But sometimes I get burned out of both, so then I rotate it with something non-musical. Cutting the grass, tinkering in the garage, going to the movies. The time the rotation takes varies from a few days to a few weeks.

    Thanks for the question, Mick!

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