Life Stories

Reflections on my upbringing, fatherhood, and trying to be a better person.

About This Banjo

I’m always conflicted about adding banjo to a recording because it’s such a specific and recognizable sound. Nobody hears a banjo and thinks, My goodness, what is that instrument? But I think the sound works in “The Kindness of Strangers.” It helps keep the song lighter.  I bought this banjo in Fargo, North Dakota. I …

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About This Guitar

I was 15 years-old. My middle-school PE teacher Mrs. Glassmann was having a garage sale. Among clothes and trinkets, I saw this Silvertone acoustic guitar (originally black with a sunburst body). Up until that point I’d been borrowing my grandpa Omer’s guitar. But what kind of grandson (or human, for that matter) doesn’t swiftly return …

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